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B&P Iron Company was founded in 1958 by Thomas "Pee Wee" Ussery, and incorporated in 1961.  Originally, the company fabricated scaffolding and was a provider of wrought iron products, including fences, railings, gates, and other customized metal works.  Focusing primarily on the Atlanta metropolitan area, the company began to grow into a reputable fabrication business.  Over the years, B&P extended its product offering by moving into the structural steel market.  This move allowed B&P to become a single source provider for all steel and iron fabricating needs.  The service oriented philosophy of our company has held true over the years, and has helped to grow our reputation as a premier manufacturer in the southeastern region. 


Since its inception in 1958, B&P Iron Company has been family-owned and operated.  Family members Bill Dudley, Woody Ussery, Brian Dudley, and Pam Dudley continue to keep the Company prosperous and thriving.  Bill Dudley is the Chief Executive Officer of B&P, Woody Ussery is President, Brian Dudley is the current Vice President, and Pam Dudley is the Secretary/Treasurer.  By consistently delivering a quality product to the customer, B&P continues to grow as one of Georgia's leading steel and iron fabricators.  With such previous clients as Evander Holyfield, the Atlanta Olympic Committee, T.J. Applebee's,  Chateau Élan, and many other notable customers, B&P Iron Company ranks at the top of its competition. Give us a call today!

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